Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The wise heart

Nancy Mellon and Ashley Ramsden wrote a book called 'Body Eloquence'
I found something about the heart, that I would like to quote here:

"The Persian poet Hafiz wrote:
"Your heart and my heart
are very old friends."
Even as we go about our sometimes jangled and dissonant lives, we resonate with one another. Whenever our hearts meet warmly, their circulating power permeates our whole selves with a reassuring sense of well- being. Wen we meet someone who lives fully in their heart's majestic realm, we naturally feel awe and gratitude. At the other extreme, those whose hearts seem cold or empty tend to be puzzling or frightening."

And here's a tale from Borneo:

Who is more important?
   A very long time ago, when all parts of the body were just beginning to get together, they gathered for a conference. They were trying to decide which was most important.
   The eyes were first to speak. They said, 'It is clear that we see into everything. We recognize what is coming. We are the ones who perceive the truth.'
  Said the ears, 'We are more important.'
  'You? What about me? said the mouth. 'Everything comes through my door.'
   'Fools,' said the feet. 'We carry you everywhere.'
   'What about me? said the nose.
   'Let's face it,' said the sexual organs. 'If it weren't for us, you wouldn't be sitting here at all.'
   On and on went the debate. The different parts of the body argued amongst themselves for long days and nights. Finally, all the parts were exhausted. Then they heard a voice that seemed to come from very far and also very near, inside all the other voices. They recognized it as their own, and yet not their own. It whispered and also thundered within them.
   'My brothers and sisters, have you forgotten my pleasure in your existence?' This was the voice of the heart speaking. 'How can we exist without any one of us?'
   All the other voices knew what the heart had spoken was true, and they were filled with joy and peace.

I wonder, could we learn from the heart that all beings are important?
Could we come to a point where people do not have to fight about importance or power?
I am wondering what would happen in the world if all the agressiveness that is now spent on fighting would be spent on loving and giving room for each other?

I need to have a talk with my own heart as well....